Thursday, March 17, 2011

Karlův Most stand the test of time

The ancient stone bridge.
There is used to stand another bridge before, called Judith Bridge, damaged by ice and flood in February 1342.
The first stone for the new bridge was laid a few years later, in the 1357.
The new stone bridge was built by the Holy Roman Emperor and Czech King Charles IV.
Charles IV believed in astronomy, magic, and the pursuit of fortune.
He knew a mysterious method to use for the construction of the bridge: according to Pythagoras, the use of numbers was one way of expressing the eternal. Numbers... were used in order to grant sturdiness, which would guarantee it's eternal survival.
The contruction of Charles Bridge took 15 years. the opening ceremony was chosen by the court astronomer in order to set the bridge on the path of good fortune. This date has never repeated itself in history and was written in the following combination: 1 3 5 7 9 7 5 3 1 (1357, 9th July, 5:31 o'clock)
These numbers must have been really lucky becauise the bridge has withstood numerous wars and floods, including the great flood of 2002.
Charles IV chosed also special materials for the contruction: the bridge was built of bohemian stone, million of eggs and wine, as the chemical analysis proved the presence of egg protein in the mortar...
Karlův Most, stand the test of time.

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